Motorhome hire support; what is on offer for me?

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Making Money From My Motorhome

Making Money From My Motorhome

So how much money can you expect to make from hiring out your motorhome?

Hire Rates

These differ wildly between agencies, with many paying poorly, and many making false promises about high rates. As discussed before, a good agency will be upfront and honest with you and let you know a genuine figure.

As a rough guide, Sat Nav whilst driving Photoreputable agencies offer should offer you between 450 and 600 per week, during the peak summer season. The specific amount will be based on the age, size and specification of your motorhome. Payments in other seasons will be less, usually between 350 and 450. Whilst you will receive lower payments during off-peak seasons, these are also the times when you are less likely to be using your motorhome, therefore helping you to maximise your income.

The number of hires you receive will depend on how many weeks you make it available and customer demand. Motorhome hire is becoming increasingly popular with UK and overseas tourists, it is fair to assume that you will receive at least 10 to 16 weeks of hirers per year, and most likely far more.

Making your motorhome attractive to customers

A great way of increasingly the number of hires you receive is by offering plenty of additional features. If you motorhome has features like air conditioning and an awning already then great, make sure your agency uses these as selling points. In addition to this you can make sure your motorhome has plenty of equipment that hirers will enjoy. These include bike racks, televisions, DVD players, camping chairs and BBQ's. It is most likely that these are items you already own and enjoy using yourself. By including with your motorhome you will attract the maximum number of hires possible.


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An extra way of making money from your motorhome hires is by offering extras to customers.

You can choose to provide bedding packs, Sat/Navs or even airport collection.

All these extras should be paid to you by the hirer in cash, allowing you to make additional income on top of your hire payment.

These extras can also increase the number of potential hires, for example tourists from abroad will most likely look for a motorhome with bedding and airport pick up offered.

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